Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Losing Weight on Steroids: 15 lbs Down!

Yup, you read that correctly. In the last 6 weeks or so, I have lost 15 lbs!

The biggest factor in my weight loss is probably the reduction of Prednisone from 7.5mgs/day to 5mgs (down overall from 25mgs/day!). It seems to me that getting on the lowest dose of steroids that your body can handle is key. Of course, you don't want to be getting too little cortisol either. So be careful and be sure to work with your medical professional before adjusting your steroid dose.

When I was on 7.5mgs, I still had cravings for sweets, which was weird for me, since I never had a sweet tooth before starting steroids. If you have read my earlier posts, you know I was obsessed with cookies and flan for awhile there. I am happy to report that, without my even trying, I stopped eating sweets when I lowered my dosage. The cravings went away completely! No longer eating about 300 calories of cookies each day might be helping too ;)

Otherwise, my diet hasn't changed. I'm still drinking Vega protein shakes with chia seeds for breakfast and then sticking to a plant-based diet the rest of the day. I avoid gluten, soy, caffeine, alcohol, and pretty much all processed foods.

This may sound hard, even impossibly hard, but the transition is really the only difficult part, Now that my body is used to receiving "real food" (as I like to call fruits and vegetables), it's no problem at all. Junk/processed food starts to taste differently (and not in a good way). I've indulged in a few of my former favorite treats and none of them really tasted that good anymore. Each time, I realize that I am not missing out on anything and next time I am faced with the same temptation, it's a lot easier to go for the healthier option.

For exercise, I practice yoga at least one hour a day and take tap dancing a couple times a week. I have a FitBit and try to meet the daily goals set there as well: 10,000 steps per day, 10 flights of stairs, and 30 active minutes.

It's a lot of small changes that are adding up to major changes on the scale for me.

Just 15 more pounds to go!


an Addison alien

who knows sometimes no matter what you do, you just can't lose weight on a high dose of steroids. And that's OK too.  

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