Sunday, March 27, 2016

7 lbs Down & Counting!

That's right, kids - I am actually losing weight on steroids!

Maybe mermaids and unicorns are real too? Because, people, the impossible is losing its "im". I have tried and tried and tried and tried and really, really tried to lose weight on steroids before and I felt like a hamster on a running wheel. NOTHING I did made a difference. I would only eat 1000 calories a day and gain weight. It was frustrating, to say the least. More like infuriating.

Since dialing down my steroid dose and treating my thyroid, dieting and exercise actually seem to be effective once again. I am so grateful!

Here's what is working for me:

I'm loving Vega protein shakes for breakfast. It's a well-known fact that skipping breakfast slows your metabolism - and you should take your steroid with food. But I hate eating in the morning. I've never been hungry when I wake up and I don't care to force feed myself. Vega protein powder is the perfect solution. It is vegan, gluten-free, and has tons of your daily greens (along with, of course, protein). If you use with water, it's just 170 calories per serving! I've been adding chia seeds to my morning shake for the omegas.

Here's a great way to check if you are getting enough omegas: feel the back of your arms. If you feel a bunch of little bumps, like "chicken skin", you need more omegas! A couple spoon fulls of chia seeds each day will get you back in balance. I prefer chia seeds to omega pills made from fish because I think they fish tasting ones are gross. Especially the ones that make you burp. Ewwww. 

For lunch and dinner, I try to stick to a plant-based, vegetarian (baconarian/pescadarian to be precise) diet. That means no gluten, dairy, soy, carbs, or processed foods. A typical lunch for me would be a salad or fruit, followed by a dinner of steamed vegetables and fish.

While I don't drink alcohol or caffeine, I always allow myself a small treat or dessert to end the day. I'm trying to find a healthy treat that takes care of the cravings, but for now I'm really obsessed with white chocolate macadamia nut cookies and eat one every day. For me, that's balance and helps me avoid binge eating because I feel deprived.

Lots of loose layers covers the bulge...cell phone covers the double chin...I almost look thin again!
I have my FitBit (pictured above - I use the Charge HR), so I always know how many calories I have left in my daily "budget" (and so that I make sure to leave enough calories for that nightly cookie!). It also helps me move, by encouraging to hit my daily goals of 10,000 steps, 30 active minutes, and 10 flights of stairs.

I practice yoga and meditation (almost) every day, as well. For cardio, I take tap dancing class twice a week and tap on my own when I can.

I also make sure I drink at least 3 liters of water every day.

There are a few other tricks that are helping me along this journey towards health; a detox tea, a special kind of water, and my multitude of supplements. I'll highlight each of these in future posts. So stay tuned!


an Addison alien

who thinks no food tastes as good as fit feels...except for white chocolate macadamia nut cookies

*I am not receiving any kind of kick back from Vega or FitBit, I just really like their products. If they would like to send me free items, I welcome them with open arms!*


  1. Interesting, I find your blog. That you are able to loose weight despite your steroids. Where do I find these supplements or shakes at the best price? Are you still loosing and on this program?

    1. Hey sweetie. I am down 15 lbs! I am so happy! I am still having a Vega protein shake with chia seeds for breakfast (I order Vega off Amazon, I like it because it it is vegan and gluten free) and then the rest of the day I eat a vegetarian, plant-based diet. I try to do at least one hour of yoga every day, get in 10,000 steps, and I take tap a couple times a week. I think the biggest help has been lowering the steroid dose though. I am now on 5mgs of Prednisone, from 25mgs!