Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Mind > Matter

It's so cliche, I can barely type the words...

but it's SO true...

mind over matter.

Today, I am on autopilot. I am mentally willing myself through the day and I'm totally ok with that.

I woke up this morning with that old familiar feeling of "omg, I can't possibly get out of bed". But I promised myself I would go to yoga and the market before work this morning, so I just made myself get up.

To make myself move, I reminded myself how blessed I am every step of the way.

I am blessed to wake up in this warm, comfortable bed, in my lovely home. 

I am blessed to  have clean clothes to wear. 

I am blessed to have a car to drive to the yoga studio.

I am blessed to be able to practice yoga with beautiful teachers. 

I am blessed to have all my body parts and limbs intact and uninjured. 

I am blessed to chose to exercise for my benefit, rather than be forced into manual labor. 

I am blessed to be able to buy all the healthy foods I can carry. 

Taking this attitude, I've made it through a pretty intense yoga class, a trip the local market (it's high season around here so everywhere is packed and there is no longer such a thing as a simple trip to the market anymore.), and I'm settling in for long shift at work. 

Even though I could not imagine making it through the day I had planned when I first woke up this morning, I am actually feeling pretty good now. Gratitude is an amazing thing. 

And I'm still on just 5mgs of Prednisone! If I start to feel shaky later today, I'll take more, but if not, I'm calling this Day 3 on 5mgs!!! I feel like my body is going to be able to make this adjustment after all and for that, I am super grateful. 


an Addison alien

who would like to end with another cliche: count your blessings

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