Friday, March 25, 2016

Running Wonder

Meet Suzi, a fellow Addison alien, who is refusing to let this disease run her life.

Instead, Suzi took up running after her diagnosis and has only been training consistently for the last year or two. In that time, she has ran multiple 10ks and has completed 4 half-marathons! For support, she runs three times a week with a local club. 

I know what you're thinking: "Oh great, she has Addison's and can run marathons and I can't even get off the couch. I feel MUCH better now!"

To which I say: calm down! 

(you know how bad stress is for us Addisonians)

No matter where you are on your journey with Addison's Disease, Suzi is a stellar example of how you can run your own life. It might not feel like it today. But like all journeys and marathons, we all start with a single step. 

Step 1: Get off the couch and walk around the house

Step 2: Walk to the mailbox

Step: 3 Walk around the block

You see what I'm doing here? Little by little, step by step, you too can accomplish whatever it is you want to. We so often see the final goal as so far away and unattainable, instead of setting small, easily attainable goals and celebrating each step forward.

Of course, with a serious condition like Addison's Disease, you need to take steps to make sure your body can handle the physical stress of exercise. Suzi says her steroid levels are low after every run and she stress doses as needed. After a really long run, it may take her a few days to recover. But she doesn't let these small sacrifices stop her feet from hitting the pavement, week after week. 

And she doesn't think having Addison's should stop you from living the life you want either. "My last bit of advice", Suzi writes, "is that, yes, we all do have Addison's...but we only get one life and we are blessed because we get our second chance at it. Live each day and set goals to achieve them. 

Our disease doesn't dictate out lives, 


I couldn't say it better. Thank you for sharing Suzi, you inspire me! I hope your story will also encourage others.  


an Addison alien

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  1. It is good to hear that Suzi is able to do all this. I am quite sure that many of us with this disease would love to be able to do marathons also. Different addisonians have different complications and the reality is that some just cant get out of bed and some have been suffering for many years like myself. I have been suffering for ten years now and i am still trying to find an endocrinologist that can manage my disease. So if Suzi has an endocrinologist who is able to manage the disease i am quite sure that many addisonians would love to get that contact. I ha e been to one of the top hospitals in the USA and I am presently in Canada and still trying to find help. Regards