Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Things I Don't Understand

1) Why Jill Duggar Dillard and hubby are "on the mission field" in Guatemala where more than 60% of the population identifies as Catholic and 30% identify as Protestant. Who exactly are they so desperate to convert? That last 10%? They act like they are introducing the Bible to these people. I don't understand!

2) How the internet works. Or wi-fi. Or cell phones. Or bluetooth. I am partially convinced it's magic. I don't understand!

3) Why steroids make you gain weight. WHY??? Normal people make cortisol and don't get all fluffy...why can't our pills work the same? I don't understand!

4) Doctors who pretend they know anything about autoimmune disease. Just admit you don't know and quit wasting my time with your pretend expertise. I know more about Addison's Disease than most doctors I meet. Why? Cause I have it! DUH!?!? I don't understand!

5) Who is voting for Donald Trump? I cannot think of a single person that will admit to voting for him...but someones are! Lots of them! And I really don't understand why!


an Addison alien

who hopes to be less confused tomorrow

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