Saturday, December 26, 2015

I Survived, How About You?

Well, we made it.

Christmas 2015 is officially over and hopefully it didn't throw you into an Addisonian crisis.

My health has stayed pretty steady, considering the late nights and so much social interaction. I'm an introvert who masquerades as a an extrovert, and it can get exhausting!

This was one of the better Christmases for me. I was surrounded by family and friends and that was the best gift for sure. I was also reminded of how difficult the holiday is for so many people and I think that helped me be extra appreciative for the joyfulness of this year. I love giving gifts and, not to brag, but I'm pretty great at it. I stayed up until 2am on Christmas Eve wrapping gifts and was up again at 6:30am to finish everything. Amazingly enough, I felt pretty good and made it through the day without a nap. A true Christmas miracle!

I'm sticking to 7.5mg of prednisone until I run out of the stock of pills I bought (although I took 10mg yesterday to make up for the lack of sleep). Then I will switch to HC. My energy is ok and while I do feel fatigued, it is manageable. I've gotten better about saying that I need to call it a night too. I used to always feel like I had to be the last one to leave a party. Not anymore.

My sweet sister brought me a bunch of new vitamins so I will be adding those to my regimen and posting about the effects in the coming weeks. Hopefully, more energy and better overall health! I'm also drinking lots of kangen water and will post about that soon.

I'm starting to see a reduction in the swelling and other steroid side effects. My ankles look less like sausages and the fat around my face seems to be shrinking. It may be wishful thinking but I'm hoping this is the start of many positive changes to come.

So stay tuned!


an Addison alien

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