Sunday, December 13, 2015

Vitamin "P"

Dr. Mark Hyman wrote an article about Vitamin "P" or the positive affect pets can have on a person's health.

Of course, when you have Addison's or other chronic illnesses, you have to balance the benefits of having a pet with all the work they require. Even when the work is done joyfully, it is still another thing to do. Some days, I just can't get out of bed. 

But something about helpless kittens and puppies actually energizes me. I love caring for others. For whatever weird reason, that makes me happy. So even though I am sleeping a bit less than normal, doing an extra load of laundry every day, and bottle-feeding these little guys every few hours, I feel great! I was awake before they were this morning! 

I even made them outfits, as you can see. And look! They think my puffy steroid cheeks are nice, soft pillows. Finally, a positive to puffy cheeks!

Tomorrow I start my last step of the weaning process of Prednisone. My schedule is pretty packed so I'm praying my energy levels stay steady. Thankfully, the kittens are already sleeping through the night. 

I think they look a little like aliens too, especially in this picture! Take me to your leader!


An Addison alien 

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