Sunday, January 24, 2016

Coco for Coconut Oil

I am seriously OBSESSED with coconut oil. It has so many uses, I can't even begin to go into all of them here. Google search "101 uses for coconut oil" and let your mind be blown.

Awhile back, I blogged that I was going to take a tablespoon of coconut oil a day, with a drop of oregano essential oil.

That lasted exactly one day.

The texture of cold coconut oil (if you have never used it, it turns solid at room temperature) was just too gross for me. No, thanks, I thought.

I did continue taking the oregano oil in a shot of water instead of the coconut oil and it worked wonders. Completely cleared up the congestion I had in my chest and I think brought up some gunk left over from finally quitting smoking last year. I highly recommend it as a natural antibiotic BUT ONLY USE THERAPEUTIC GRADE OILS! You cannot ingest any old oil. I use Young Living essential oils and love them. 

I still use coconut oil all the time. I make toothpaste out of it, I use it in place of conditioner and lotion, and I try to cook with it.

After reading this article, I will be cooking with a lot more of it! Incorporating just one tablespoon of coconut oil in your diet can help you lose weight and help with cardiovascular health. That's a big win-win for me, and a lot of folks with Addison's, who struggle with weight loss and heart issues.

Speaking of heart issues, I just bought a used FitBit Charge HR. It records my heart rate day and night! I'm thinking everyone with Addison's should have one of these! I just got it yesterday evening so I am looking forward to seeing today's results, but as of yesterday it looks like I am still tachycardic through much of the day. Looks like I get to see my doctor this week ;)

More on the Fitbit in my next post. In the meanwhile, go get yourself some cold-pressed, virgin (unrefined) coconut oil!


an Addison alien

who isn't getting paid by the coconut people, promise

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