Thursday, January 14, 2016

ER Checklist


You are in crisis or in that scary downward cycle on your way to one. Your brain is mush but you can't just walk into an ER unprepared. The ugly truth is that our symptoms too often resemble other, less serious conditions, and you could be left waiting to see a doctor for far too long.

Addison Alien Vicky, who wrote the intro to Addison's letter shared on my blog, reminded me of a really important point:

"Hi! I printed out the form that you posted for the ER letter (under Downloads on your right) and took it to my endo. today. I told him about the terrible treatment I had at an ER and he told me to be sure that whoever takes the form when I go in IMMEDIATELY takes it to an ER doctor. With the severity of what could happen, we should be seen right away."

Vicky also suggested highlighting or circling in red the most important information. Thank you, Vicky!

I also wear a medical ID bracelet that states that I have Addison's Disease and am steroid dependent, just in case I am in car accident or am unconscious for some reason. In my experience, just having a medical ID seems to make nurses and doctors take you more seriously! I highly recommend getting one.

Now go print and fill out the ER Letter while you're still feeling well. You'll be glad to have it when you're not.

And if you really want to be prepared, put a copy of the letter in your car and give one to your parent, partner, or boss. Or all three!


an Addison alien

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