Saturday, January 23, 2016

Still Here

I am so sorry loyal readers! I have been busy housesitting, dogsitting, and babysitting. Wednesday night I kept 6 kids and 6 dogs! And I didn't even have to stress dose :)

I still haven't found HC pills for sale anywhere yet, so I had to get more Prednisone. I would still very much like to switch to HC but now I'm not sure if it will be possible.

The swelling seems to be going down somewhat, I can't grab as much flesh from my "buffalo hump" as I usually can, but I still haven't actually faced a scale yet. Maybe tomorrow. If I'm feeling really brave.

The food cravings and intense hunger have subsided somewhat. Hoping that means I am heading in the right direction.


an Addison alien

who just wants her old face back

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