Sunday, January 17, 2016

Somebody Kick Me

I need someone to kick my butt into gear. For the last two days, just getting out of bed feels like a huge accomplishment. I am just exhausted, no matter how often or how long I sleep.

But I am tired of being tired, so starting tomorrow, I am getting moving. Back to daily yoga classes, my personal yoga practice, tap class, and whatever else sounds fun. I need to move if I want to get this weight off, although lying in bed wishing I was thinner is much more my speed.

It's also time to start really keeping track of what I eat and what I lose, so I am actually going to weigh myself (which is totally against my religion) and take some photos and (gulp) share them with you all.

I'm not setting any specific weight goals, I just want to be as healthy as possible and on the best combo of meds possible. I'd like to recognize my face in the mirror, that's all. Already, I've noticed the swelling in my face has gone down. I see the hint of a cheekbone and the double chin is much smaller than it used to be. So I do think getting off dexamethasone has had positive affects.

Of course, if I had known there was such a thing as "prednisone face", I probably would not have switched to pred! But I didn't and now I do, so to keep the side effects as low as possible, I am switching to HC (hydro cortisone) later this week. I run out of my prednisone pills on Wednesday and will make the switch then.

So keep your fingers crossed for me, because it's going to be a big week.


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